Kenyan Education system set to drive faster to the oceans with appointment of Prof. George Mogoha

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With all the good statements accompanying Prof. George Mogoha appointment as Kenyan Cabinet Secretary - Education, expectations are high and all are based on his abilities which are rather "learning-unrelated". Yes! it could be education in general but not learning biased. And he means well and a good guy, with a great drive. To begin with the professor of medicine (urology and surgery) already believes that there are "useless" courses that students do not need to study. He further believes that Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) must be pushed to success because it is the best solution out of the "failed" 8.4.4 system. But when you know what CBC means to a country like Kenya ( see the author's other posts), you cannot sit back and freak in despair as you await the force with which this "no-nonsense" professor will drive young Kenyans into the oceans of failed education experiments. Personally , I have said this over and over again and I have been labelled a perennial critic and "we should not be negative about everything". As a matter of fact "we better try something new than crash under a wrong one". Yes! "Panadol" is a good pain reliever but will never cure the sickness. And when the sickness matures , you will understand the complexity of pain killers and the pain of undoing the wrong and getting it right. For over 16 years, I have championed one course, which was hijacked twisted, misused and abandoned. Now, despite all the "food additives" , name callings, great media statements and excuses, the education system remains a "huge regret". and a real waste of resources. If I am wrong, let’s talk after 3 years, God willing, when you will witness a good guy turned bad by a good appointment to the wrong system... Go through our websites:,, and know more...